Here are the most common myths about timeshares

  • You will use  your timeshare all the time or you can have friends use it or rent it out
  • Timeshares are not a drain financially
  • They are easy to get out of
  • They are in high demand so if you decide you want to throw the incredible opportunity away there are people waiting in line to to take your place

You now know that these are not true but the myth that you can’t get out? It’s a myth too.

The people that have been telling you no? they know We are more confident because your timeshare company, resort, etc. knows us and when we reach out they sigh.

They sigh because from that point on things won’t be easy for them if they don’t help. We don’t leave any stones unturned in finding procedural defect. If you send us everything, we have found little things as a tool to help you.

Then there is the mutual respect with some that makes it easier to get things done.  We also have relationships with resort personnel, vacation clubs, management companies & Timeshare forums that have use for timeshares. This allows us to deal effectively with a property you no longer want in a way that you as an individual cannot. We are NOT a listing service that charges an upfront fee with a promise to sell your timeshare, and more importantly unlike these listing services our service is 100% guaranteed in writing.

Not only do we have mutually beneficial relationships within the industry but we also use a licensed, insured, bonded, and fully underwritten Escrow and Title Agency to open escrow and perform the closing.

We are experienced, passionate and persistent. We have helped thousands after trying to get out of their timeshare. We are detailed oriented and treat your situation as if it was ours. Our service is 100% guaranteed, in writing, so you can rest assured you have a team there for you.

The next step is to get on a call with and see what we can offer you.

To find out if your timeshare qualifies, call us right now at 843-279-3361. You have no obligation or commitment to us, it’s worth getting the peace of mind today than have it wear on you till the next time you feel this way. Call now.

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