What we need if you want to exit your timeshare

  • The Name, address & phone number of the timeshare entity.
  • Deed, contract or membership agreement.
  • The financing agreement.
  • Title insurance information.
  • Any other information to identify membership.
  • The exchange company affiliated with your timeshare resort.
  • The amount and due date of your maintenance fee and whether it has been paid for the current year.
  • The amount of real estate taxes owed on your timeshare, the due date and whether they have been paid for the current year.
  • The date your timeshare will next become available for use or when someone can make a reservation.
  • Is your timeshare a fixed week or floating week unit and does it require an advanced reservation?
  • Copies of documents about the resort owner’s association, resort’s rules and regulations, reservation rules and any other information that would be helpful to evaluate options.
  • Find out whether or not your timeshare is legally classified as real estate or personal property and send documentation to that.
  • Check with your owners’ association or resort manager to determine if there is any documentation, they need in order to complete any sale. Be sure to get everything in writing via paperwork or emails. If by email read carefully that what they said is what is written in the email. Send to us and we will evaluate if it’s not.

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