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Bailout Program

Give us a call and one of our expert staff members will get you pre-qualified.
Yes… we average 73% success rate for our clients.
Depends on your situation, our account reps can advise you.
We cancel timeshare contracts from over 90% of the 5000 resorts and 200 independent companies that sell timeshare.
Yes. Timeshare Bailout does 100% of our consultations via the phone. We are also licensed, bonded, and insured in the State of Florida as a Commercial Telephone Seller. All of our program specialists are individually licensed and have gone though state approved background checks.
Timeshare Bailout does not travel the globe to visit face to face with timeshare owners. In today’s economy we strive to keep our expenses low so we can offer you competitive savings. If you would like to come to our corporate headquarters please call our toll-free number and schedule a consultation.
Chances are you have done business or know someone that has done business with Timeshare Bailout. We offer a written 100% money back guarantee. Our leading industry knowledge and technology puts our customers in good hands. We Never Stop Moving.
In most cases timeshare is real estate, just like a home, land or condominium. Your heirs, likely your children, will legally inherit your timeshare when you die. What is usually not disclosed during the sales presentation is that timeshare contracts include a “perpetuity” clause meaning “eternity”. Most owners without realizing have entered themselves into a contract obligating themselves and their heirs to pay fees forever.
No. Timeshare Bailout just helps timeshare owners get out of their ownership. We do however offer a complementary reservation department to book you next vacation. For less then you are currently paying in maintenance fees we would love to accommodate you in a luxury hotel or resort, without the timeshare tour of course.
If you have already paid to use or bank your timeshare week, then you should still use your timeshare vacation week. We will make sure that it will not interfere with your reservation.
Timeshare Bailout works with professionally licensed, bonded and insured title agencies to remove your name from your timeshare. Depending on the property of record, title is transferred via deed, membership, lease, assignment, or as required by resort official governing documents such as covenants, conditions, or restrictions.
The bailout program is designed to relieve you of future maintenance fees and special assessments, you will also be removed from the owner list at the resort which should limit the number of solicitations. Once the timeshare has been removed from your name the bailout program is legally responsible for any future financial liabilities.
If you are over the age of 18 and your ownership is transferable the answer is YES! You must also be no more then one year behind in maintenance fees and current with any special assessments, taxes, and loans. You must also agree and acknowledge to a “statement of industry facts” as represented by your sales representative.
Absolutely Not. We are the result of a huge demand of timeshare owners who have paid other companies to sell or rent there timeshare to only find out the second market is virtually non-existent. Resale and listing companies are in business because of the want and need timeshare owners express to get out of there ownership. What they neglect to tell you is the facts!
Timeshare Bailout was designed as a missing option in the timeshare second market. Our program is designed to relieve consumers from the burden of timeshare ownership. We are also dedicated to educating timeshare owners about the hard facts behind the second market

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