3454 Waccamaw Blvd Suite D
Myrtle Beach SC 29579



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Yes, I have incurred a high amount of credit card debt related to this purchase.
Yes, I felt forced into paying increased fees (Maintenance, upkeep, dues) after the mortgage deed or contract had been established.
Yes, I felt pressured or trapped during the sale for this purchase.
No, I did NOT fully understand the contract I was signing
Yes, I felt the sales person used high pressure sales tactics during the sale.
Yes, I was denied a refund or cancellation.
Yes, I have tried to cancel, sell, or return my contract, deed, or membership program.
Yes, my interest rates or payments have increased over the course of my contract.
Yes, I was told by the sales person that I could transfer, sell, or rent my mortgage, contract, deed, or membership program for an increase in profit.
No, the services I was promised during the sale did not match the services I received, or what was stated in the contract
No, I did not receive a copy of my signed contract, or I never signed a contract.
No, considering the purchase of my mortgage, contract, deed, or membership program, if given the opportunity, I would NOT make that purchase today.
Yes, I confirm and request Company name Now to submit a claim on my behalf. (ex. BBB, CFPB, FTC, etc.)