About Us

The ownership group of timeshare bailout has over 30 years of experience in selling timeshares. In those many years of experience, we have all witnessed and been trained on the manipulation tactics involved in selling a timeshare. We have witnessed the majority of our previous colleagues who have taken advantage of and even preyed upon innocent vacationers, many of which who are not financially equipped for the burdens that they have been manipulated into accepting. Switching sides if you will, and fighting for those very people who have been taken advantage of has been the most rewarding experience! It feels amazing to be on the righteous side of the business! After years of experience in the exit timeshare business I’m sure you will feel the passion of our representatives throughout every step of this process. We take this seriously!

The reason why so many clients us Time Share Bail Out is simple; you can not just hire any real estate attorney and have them attempt to file a lawsuit against a timeshare company. What end up happening is the attorney files a lawsuit based on misrepresentation. This become a “he said, she said” battle and turns in to a long expensive process where litigation drags out. Our company specialize in timeshare litigation so you can avoid the process altogether.

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